Product Descriptions

Perfectly Pickled Beets

This product is made from fresh roasted beets and contains sweet onions, spices, and vinegar. No salt is used when cooking the beets. The pickled beets can be made without onions for those who don’t care for them. However, this would be a special order.

Pickled beets are a great side dish and they go well with just about any main course. They are also very good as an ingredient in salads.

Our favorite is baby field greens, sliced oranges, walnuts, gorgonzola cheese and pickled beets with a dash of balsamic vinaigrette.

Awesome Applesauce

This product is made from fresh, crisp apples with a generous dash of cinnamon. Very little sugar is added since the sweet/tart flavor of the apples makes this product “awesome”!  

Applesauce is a very versatile food. It can be used as a side dish, as the basis of a dessert (mix it in with rice pudding or tapioca and see what we mean!) as well as an ingredient in a smoothie or addition to yogurt or cottage cheese.

Sweet and Savory Apple Chutney

Apple Chutney is a blend of sweet and savory fruits and vegetables. It contains apples, raisins, peppers onions and lots of spices as well as sugar and vinegar.  

Chutney can be used as a topping and marinade for many different types of meat and fish. Try it as an addition to any pork dish. We especially like it as a topping on a wheel of brie cheese. The mellow, nutty flavor of the cheese combines perfectly with the sweet, savory tang of the chutney. It’s a real crowd pleaser.

Sizzlin' Salsa

Our salsa is unique! It has the perfect mix of heat and spice without causing a fire to incinerate your taste buds. It contains all different kinds of peppers, both hot and sweet, onions, spices and, of course, tomatoes and vinegar to complete the “sizzling” taste everyone enjoys!

We have several favorite recipes in which to use salsa. We put it in our vegetables, (corn is one of our favorites!). A baked potato with salsa...Perfection! It doesn’t get any better than that! Try our salsa on fish…it’s the perfect topping for tuna, salmon or any white fish. And, of course, it’s a perfect dip for the fans to munch on during Sunday football!

Classic Corn Relish

Remember grandma’s “chow-chow”. Well, this relish is even better! Made with corn, and lots of vegetables, its mild, tangy taste brings out the best in pasta salads, tacos, or anything else you’d like. Great as a side dish too. Try adding some to your home fries … they’ll be coming back for more!

Bread and Butter "Zickles"

Do you like bread and butter pickles? Then you're going to love Chunky Bread and Butter "Zickles"! This product has the perfect combination of sweetness and tang that everyone enjoys in a bread and butter pickle.  But surprise! This pickle is made with zucchini.

Try it as a relish or pair it with your favorite cheese. They are also delicious on burgers or the all American hot dog.  Try some today!

Chunky Chili Sauce

Spice up your menu with our new Chunky Chili Sauce! It's really tasty on hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, chicken, or meatloaf.  Try it on your scrambled eggs...delish! Add our Chunky Chili Sauce to any meal and watch your family ask for seconds!

"Dill"icious Green Beans

One of our new products. Great in a salad or relish tray. Super addition to summer cookout fare. Try them on a hamburger or hot dog instead of a pickle. You won't be disappointed!

Italian Giardiniara

A great variety of crunchy vegetables in a vinaigrette with just the right amount of spices to tickle your taste buds. Pair it with some salami or cheese and you've got a great antipasto! Try some today.